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Kids Whole Life™ Bear Necessities Multivitamin gummy

​​​Vegetarian Naturals® Kids Whole Life™ Bear Necessities Multivitamin supports overall wellness for healthy growth and development.*

Kids Whole Life™ Bear Necessities Multivitamin Gummies contain essential vitamin and mineral blends containing Vitamin A, C, E and B vitamin. We use a vegetarian form of Vitamin D which supports bone health.

Every Vegetarian Naturals® product is 100% Vegetarian. That means there are no animal by-products (gelatin) in our gummies and our products are not tested on animals. Each product uses natural colors, sugars and flavor blends which means NO artificial sugars, colors and flavors and high-fructose corn syrup. Products are Gluten Free, Third-Party tested and formulated in the USA.